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New Releases, Updates & Fixes in Cenia Pro 1.0.1 Magento PWA Theme

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CedCommerce Cenia Pro Theme 1.0.1 for Magento PWA Studio comes with new releases, bug fixes, and updates as follows:

New Releases

  1. Breadcrumbs on Category and product page
  2. Breadcrumbs work as a secondary navigation scheme that helps the user to identify the path of any page on the website.

  3. Filters on Category Page & Search page
  4. Dynamic filters are available on product and search pages. Customers will be able to apply multiple filters at the same time.

  5. Sorting Options on Category & Search Page
  6. Sorting options are available to search and category page. By default, all data is sorted by the Best Match option. You can use other attributes like price, product name in the sorting option too.

  7. Image lazyload
  8. All images of PWA Studio will be coming through a lazyload that will reduce the wait time of important content now.

magento pwa

Design Updates

  1. New Filter view on Category and Search Page
  2. Filters will be displayed as layered navigation on category and search page on desktop view

  3. Updates on CMS Pages on Mobile
  4. You can create Cms Pages at the backend and can view them in your PWA Website with a responsive layout.

magento pwa studio

Bug Fixes

  • Issues fixed in My Account Area
  • Issues fixed in Newsletter Subscription
  • Issues Fixed in Checkout
  • Design related issues fixed for colors swatches in the filter, product page thumbnails, breadcrumbs, etc.

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