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Manage Free Unlimited Shopify Inventories on Google Shopping with CedCommerce

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Portland, Oregon, August 9, 2020: CedCommerce has announced multiple free services for existing and new US-based merchants using the top-ranking Shopify App: Google Shopping Feed & Actions. With the launch of this new plan, now merchants can list unlimited Shopify products on Google Shopping free of cost. Additionally, CedCommerce has launched free plans for selling on Shopping Actions with limited credits. The services cover the aid in the onboarding process.

CedCommerce is the official Feed partner with Shopping Actions and Premiere partner with Google. The decision to launch the new free of all costs pricing plan was made in light of the series of some of the most amazing changes launched by Google. Considering the current pandemic and its effect on the economy as a whole, Google has made highly comforting efforts to help small and medium eCommerce businesses in keeping their stores alive. Here are the highlights of these updates:

  1. Sellers with their own online stores can showcase their products on multiple Google Surfaces such as Google Shopping, primary search engine, Google Maps, etc., without being exposed to any type of compensation. These products are ranked organically based on the quality of feeds and sellers do not pay anything for Clicks or sales.
  2. The free listings on Google shopping are peppered with a wide range of most sophisticated filters. This aids the sellers in showcasing products prominently and with reduced competition. These filters include: “Buy on Google”, “Available Nearby”, “On Sale”, etc. Merchants can also highlight the “Store Pickup” or “Curbside Pickup” facility if available in their store.
  3. Products appear with a “Promotion Tag” if they fall under a sale on the respective store.
  4. A new section right below the organic listing showcases a map with a product catalog form each store located nearest to the customer along with a description of what the store has to offer.
  5. Later on, Google launched one of the most tremendous programs: Commission-free “Buy on Google” which ensured that sellers no longer have to pay anything to Google for sales of “Buy on Google” products. Buy on Google products are those, which have been listed through Google Shopping Actions and can be purchased directly from Google. This isn’t the case with the free listings of Google Shopping. In that case, customers are redirected to the respective store in order to finish a purchase.

Google is soon planning to onboard new and existing sellers to the Commission-free “Buy on Google” program. There are certain criteria that need to be met by the merchants, such as:

They should be able to handle Payments by integrating a Payment Partner such as PayPal. More options will open up for integration in the future.
The merchants must provide Customer Services directly via email. Hence, keeping their Customer Service Contact in GMC Account updated is a priority.
The merchants should be able to generate Return Labels either through Google facilitated method or through Merchant managed returns.
For more specific details on how to take advantage of Google’s unpaid experience and how CedCommerce can help merchants in the whole process from scratch, you can attend the Webinar from CedCommerce in association with Google:

New commission-free Buy on Google Experience!
September 16, 2020
10:00 am CST

On registration, you can earn a flat 20% off on all Google Shopping Services from CedCommerce in addition to the new free solutions.

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