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Featuring Etsy sellers for Earth Week 2021!

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Earth Day 21’ is right around the corner- April 22nd, and we have decided to bring up our socks to rejoice along! Etsy, in its latest blog piece, mentioned how it is going to celebrate this Earth Day and what it has for its sellers. Whether it be populating environment-friendly sustainable packaging and shipping methods or patting the back of small and sustainable businesses for creating and manufacturing products that help nature grow better!

Etsy clearly stated that more than 87% of its sellers believe that it is important to run businesses that help and support our environment. And comparing YoY stats, it was also seen that people are looking more for such products, 85% to be apt.

We know what the environment means for you.

Now, you must be asking yourself,

What is it?

Well, if you’re a seller/creator manufacturing products that support our environment to sustain better, we are going to feature you on our blog, website, and social media channels too. Because we know it is of a greater significance to think of the utmost importance of our environment.

Featuring Etsy sellers on Earth Day

When it’s happening?

We’re celebrating Earth Week. Meaning starting right from Earth Day (ie. the 22nd of April), for the whole week, we’ll feature you everywhere we said we’d do.

How to get featured?

We won’t take much of your valuable time. If your shop and products fall under any of the categories that-

  1. Supports and appeals towards a sustainable environment
  2. Your manufacturing process keeps a check on emitting zero or negligible waste
  3. You produce your products with recycled raw material
  4. You have live listings for this Earth Day 21’

You can send us your entry. Just fill out the form below which  includes a few details that will further help us in writing about you and your shop and we’ll reach you out shortly when/if we feature you or your shop.

Form Link: Here

NOTE: Finalizing entries for featuring on our page is the sole discretion and decision of the company. Submission of the entry does not guarantee the same.

In case you have any further questions regarding submission information, feel free to drop in a mail at [email protected]

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