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Experience seamless shipping with CedCommerce’s updated version for SMSA shipping extension for WooCommerce.

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Get yourself rolling in business with the newly introduced features in the SMSA shipping extension for WooCommerce by CedCommerce. Experience hassle-free shipping procedure with a single mouse click and give an edge to your business venture.

We at CedCommerce, are excited to roll out several new features to set our clients off the charts in the fulfillment industry. Forget about the weary and tiring process of generating the shipment for the purchase you can do it with a single mouse click, CedCommerce’s SMSA shipping extension for WoCommerce brings in features that include real-time tracking on your WooCommerce site. 

We understand that as a seller, you might have faced several compatibility issues with your WordPress and WooCommerce sites. Well, guess what! Not anymore. The purpose of the upgraded extension is to ensure a frictionless interaction between the two platforms. And thereupon, the WooCommerce extension for SMSA by CedCommerce keeps your site sleek and in sync.      

With real-time tracking of the shipment on the WooCommerce site, the upgraded SMSA Shipment Tracking extension is more than just an extension! It is all you can ever hanker after.   

What does the new SMSA Extension for WooCommerce do?

Shipping extensions are an indispensable part of any e-commerce business. The fulfillment creates a physical connection between the seller and the buyer. Synonymously, the SMSA module by CedCommerce allows the seller to create a well-organized and streamlined delivery process.  

Well, let the picture speak for itself! But before that, check out the details of the SMSA extension for WooCommerce.

Online Shopping Flowchart.

Online Shopping Flowchart.

The SMSA shipping extension for WooCommerce allows you to build a shipment for your orders with a click. After the shipment has been created a tracking number is produced automatically for the live updates of the shipment process. The SMSA shipping extension creates a manageable shipping workflow and automates the process to reduce manual labor.

Features of SMSA Extension for WooCommerce.

Features of SMSA Extension for WooCommerce.

With the reduction in the number of clicks, new features for the SMSA Shipping extension for WooCommerce makes your fulfillment a cakewalk.  Get easy access to your shipment on your Woocommerce site rather than getting it on the SMSA site. The app lets you have live updates of the entire procedure.  

Live Updates for Shipment.

Along with keeping you updated the app lets you create instant PDF for the shipment without any friction. The newly introduced feature provides Arabic support to your online platform.  

The features bring in the full compatibility with WooCommerce and increase operational efficiency. For a better understanding, refer to the help manual.  

How is it beneficial to your business? 

Apart from creating an outstanding user experiencing the extension provides several other benefits to your business venture. 

  • Create a transparent code of conduct that encourages the buyers to build trust in your business brand.
  • A user-friendly fulfillment process brings back the buyer, again and again, hence creating customer loyalty.
  • Build a trustworthy brand name along with better reliability.

Explore CedCommerce’s SMSA Shipping Extension for WooCommerce.

SMSA Shipping Extension.


Final Thoughts

With a better and newer version of the SMSA extension for WooCommerce, you now can explore the window of opportunity for scaling up your online sales with CedCommerce. In the event of any query, feel free to contact us on SkypeWhatsApp or just drop us a mail!

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