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Don’t have a US address & still want to sell on Walmart? Here’s how you Can!

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Quick Brief: Want to sell at Walmart to expand your multichannel approach? Don’t have a U.S. address or Tax identification? Want to tap Walmart’s 400 million-plus daily user base? Then here is your chance! Walmart welcomes non-US international sellers to onboard without a U.S. address or Tax ID. As an international seller, you are no longer required to have a U.S.-based business and can quickly sell on Walmart without U.S. registered websites.

Why should you consider this fantastic opportunity?

Why should you consider this fantastic opportunity?

Multichannel selling generates higher revenue and provides increased brand recognition. And who can disagree with the fact that a great multichannel approach should include tapping into the lucrative US marketplaces, such as Walmart?

One of the significant benefits of trading in the U.S. is the size of the online market. The U.S. Marketplaces provide access to an enormous number of online shoppers. Thus, Walmart’s new initiative to invite international businesses without a US address is packed with endless benefits. This comes as the perfect opportunity for you to expand your multichannel approach as a Walmart non-US seller. Walmart marketplace is your ideal gateway to grow your business in the entire U.S. market.

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Online marketplaces in the past few years

Online marketplaces have grown enormously over the past few years, especially in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The nationwide lockdowns and unending quarantines compelled people to stay home and shop online most of the time.

This switch in consumer behavior attracted numerous sellers to onboard online marketplaces resulting in its tremendous growth. Here are a few examples of various online marketplaces from the U.S. depicting eCommerce growth in the past few years.

  • In its last fiscal year 2020, Walmart’s revenue amounted to 559 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. The retailers’ revenue increased by approximately 7%.

Walmart's Global revenue in 2020


  • On the other hand, Mercado Libre sold twice as many items per day in the second quarter of 2020 compared to 2019.


  • In the United States alone, eCommerce sales are expected to surpass $740 billion by 2023.

Retail eCommerce sales in United States from 2017 to 2023 (in million U.S. Dollars)


Avail Easier multichannel expansion as Walmart welcomes non-US international sellers 

With the enormous revenue increase in its last fiscal year 2020, Walmart takes new strides forward with global seller expansion. As Walmart welcomes non-US international sellers, you can now sell on Walmart without a U.S. address or Tax ID. You no longer require a U.S.-based website too!

Interestingly, Non-U.S. sellers could sell on Walmart since 2017 but, numerous restrictions hindered their businesses. 

Numerous restrictions on Walmart sellers in 2017

However, now, you can quickly sell on Walmart without a U.S. address or Tax ID. With this golden opportunity, you can leverage the 400 Million+ daily unique visitors of

As a Walmart seller, you will be able to enhance your business by catering to the marketplace’s vast customer base and high traffic volume. You can also leverage Walmart’s reliable brand name and its extensive reach, which will undoubtedly boost your product listing.

We are happy to assist.

With a consistently increasing global eCommerce growth, the Walmart marketplace is the perfect platform for expanding your multichannel approach. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to onboard Walmart and serve its enormous customer base.

To ease the onboarding experience and your business expansion on Walmart, CedCommerce is always at your assistance. Being Walmart Marketplace partner, CedCommerce provides multifunctional integration apps that assist you in everything related to Walmart. With a bit of help from our integration app, you can onboard, sell, and manage everyday functions hassle-free. To onboard Walmart with CedCommerce Contact us now.

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