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CedCommerce’s Walmart Shopify Integration Solution: Free Plans for You!

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Portland, Oregon [June 18, 2020]:

One of the Shopify Experts, CedCommerce, has launched a lifetime free pricing plan for Walmart Shopify Integration Solution on Shopify App Store. All those sellers who have fewer items in their Catalog and simply want to grow their business and test the fields can enjoy the benefits.

They can sell from Shopify on Walmart effortlessly while the business grows and becomes stable without incurring any costs. The App essentially ensures synchronization of stores on Shopify with Walmart Seller Center.

Inventories can be uploaded on Walmart from Shopify on Walmart and Orders can be brought from Walmart to Shopify in the shortest time. The new launch came in time with the completion of 3+ years of CedCommerce’s Walmart Shopify integration solution on the Shopify App Store.

The App has been performing extraordinarily for these years and has acquired “Featured” and “Trending” Positions several times in the past and has continued to do so even now. Above all our goal is to build relationships with Merchants and we always try to align ourselves with their needs and their growth.

CedCommerces Walmart Shopify Integration Solution

CedCommerce’s Walmart Shopify integration solution is an overachiever!

Over the past years, 2400+ Sellers have benefitted from the App and Services from CedCommerce’s wonderfully dedicated team.

Our speciality is to ensure each seller gets a unique set of Account Manager and dedicated Team, that serves them 24×7 in case of any need, no matter how small at zero cost.

The experts try to resolve all queries related to Walmart, Shopify or the App. The dedicated member of the Marketing team also manages the listing optimization for the merchants exclusively. CedCommerce is always open for our merchant partners. The experts help out each seller from the time of Onboarding on Walmart to optimized product listings and complete order management from their Shopify Store.

The Digital Marketing team here at CedCommerce along with the Marketplace and Online Store Experts, look after the seller’s store using the best practices in the market for optimum conversions.

CedCommerces Walmart Shopify Integration Solution

Alone this App has 180+ positive reviews on Shopify App store and a whole set of happily satisfied sellers who have built their brands on Walmart and through their online store.

What entails Walmart Solution on Shopify App Store?

There are some amazing features that set this App apart from the market and are the reason behind the success of the sellers using it.

  1. Advanced and Optimized Product listings on Walmart in just one click along with all the Walmart approved Attributes.
  2. Single or Multiple Shopify Category Mapping with Walmart Categories for optimized listings
  3. Separate Images and information for Individual Products and Variants for Walmart.
  4. Shipping Exceptions for each individual variant.
  5. Update Barcodes and SKU/ Product Identifiers for Walmart overriding the ones from Shopify.
  6. Setup inventory thresholds for Products to keep the Seller Performance in good graces.
  7. Pricing, Repricing and Promotional Pricing for each Product on Walmart in bulk to keep up the sales, beat the competition and improve profits as well as conversions.
  8. Apply 2 Days and 3 Days shipping on Products with ease.
  9. Gain error reports and alerts Inventories and Orders immediately to run diagnostics and clear things up.
  10. Automatic Product and Order synchronization at small intervals to and from Walmart.
  11. Automatic Status update from Shopify to Walmart for ease and time management.
  12. Set auto cancellation for orders generated after inventories are over or insufficient.
  13. Email Notifications of new or failed orders.
  14. Refund and Cancel Walmart Orders through App.
  15. Perform Bulk actions on Products such as Upload, Update and Retire Products and its information. Set up Required, Recommended and Optional Attributes through Bulk Advanced Attribute feature and setup Shipping Exceptions through CSV as well.
  16. Track performance and success through a detailed Analytical Dashboard.

Learn more about the App and how to use it: How to Sell on Marketplace with Shopify Integration?

The exceptional range of services that establish CedCommerce as Shopify Expert include complete setup assistance, App demo and any nature of help at any time. We provide Growth Strategies, Listing Diagnosis, Futuristic opportunities or help out with any possible queries round the clock.

CedCommerces Walmart Shopify Integration Solution

What more you can expect from the Walmart Integration for Shopify?

Some of the future plans of CedCommerce regarding this app involves:

  1. Shopify Location Features and Walmart Location Features.
  2. Status Updates via API.
  3. Item Performance Report via API.
  4. Multiple Walmart Account integration to Single Shopify Account and vice versa.
  5. Profiling Feature.

CedCommerce Shopify Relationship

The vision and goal of Shopify are well understood and heartily accepted by CedCommerce.

“Making commerce better for everyone”- Shopify.

The spirit of Shopify lies in helping the businesses become independent and grow with maximum ease. Business setup and ownership are dramatically fast and easy here. Being a Shopify Expert, CedCommerce too believes in helping businesses become a complete brand for the online world.

We understand what it takes to satisfy the customers and the importance of smart strategies over time taking bulky processes that act as barriers and nothing else for the sellers.

While the quick setup is important, accessibility is also something that Shopify shares with CedCommerce in terms of goals to be achieved. Helping big numbers of small to medium-sized businesses access their fair share of the market, deliver an omnichannel experience to their customers and standing high amongst the bigger names in the eCommerce community is the prime motive behind the wide range of Solutions and Services from CedCommerce which are available on Shopify Store.

The business model projected by CedCommerce for the sellers helps them run a goal-oriented eCommerce infrastructure. Having a partnership of over five years with Shopify, we have evolved to the point where we understand the exact types of businesses that grow with Shopify.

Their hunger for excellence when it comes to entrepreneurship. They are self-reliant, have enough eagerness to override hindrances and they go after what they want with force.

As Shopify Experts, we consider these merchants as our Partners and their hunger is ours their needs are ours and we live for the challenges they present. They are demanding and we cherish it.

CedCommerce Walmart Relationship

CedCommerce is an official channel partner of Walmart. We are a trusted solution provider for thousands of sellers who are successfully scaling up their business on Walmart.

By working with Walmart, CedCommerce tirelessly tries to help the sellers grow more efficiently and seamlessly. From ensuring quick support round the clock and easy onboarding to making sure that sellers are able to maintain their seller performance over time, the solutions and services from CedCommerce finish a complete cycle.

Making sure that sellers get easy access to all new features and benefits from Walmart is another goal we always strive to achieve and we constantly deliver it as well.

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