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CedCommerce launches NextToCloud : A Cloud Hosting Services Venture

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Cloud computing has emerged as a rage in the past few years, making it all the more important for service providers to stand out and provide exceptional solutions to capacitate the industry. CedCommerce launches NextToClouda cloud hosting solutions provider as a single stop solution for all the hosting needs of businesses.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting enables you to spread your website or app data over a cluster of servers. Cloud hosting service companies assist with virtual space on an on-demand basis facilitating scalability for you in ways different from that of traditional hosting methods. The user can pay on the go for what they actually use instead of paying upfront for space on a single server. Considering the agility and flexibility that cloud hosting offers makes it a better choice when compared to traditional, on-premise hosting options.

Owing to the scalability and secure cloud hosting offers, businesses are increasingly making the choice in their favour and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when in the near future majority of websites take the plunge.

Mr Abhishek Jaiswal, co-founder, CedCommerce says, “With scalability, security, better performance and optimization all in favour of cloud hosting, it is indeed a smart choice for businesses looking at a performance-oriented approach towards growth when compared to on-premise environments. The launch of NextToCloud marks our step in the industry as we get ready to take on the challenges.”

Mr Himanshu Rauthan, co-founder CedCommerce echoes the sentiment,” In the present day the cloud is accelerating the speed of changes happening in the web-based world. I’d recommend businesses looking for the perfect solution to carefully evaluate and consider their specific requirements as a precursor to making any choice.” says he.

How does Cloud Hosting benefit your business?

1-Value for Money

Prior to opting for a new technology cost concerns are bound to arise. Would it be worth the investment? How would the ROI be? And likewise. Well, cloud hosting saves worries on that part since cloud computing environments can function on the already existing infrastructure allowing you to meet your expanding storage requirements efficiently.

2-Scalability Assured

Want to stay prepared for any unexpected surge in traffic? Your requirement might be short term or long term, with cloud computing scalability is a given. If it is a short term requirement needing you to increase resources on a temporary basis cloud hosting helps with that without requiring you to hold on to the resources post the surge. This agility offered is one of the many reasons why businesses are favouring the change.

3-Optimized Resource Usage

Credits to the automation capabilities that come along with cloud computing, businesses can make better use of resources by freeing them up from redundant tasks and having them focus on core competencies.

4-Improved Availability

Downtime can adversely impact your business operations and must be taken care of at all costs. Server failure, thus downtime can be avoided with cloud hosting helping businesses ensure availability. Credits to cloud environment businesses can guarantee consistent availability and performance with round the clock uptime.

Benefits of cloud hosting


What can you expect to find at NextToCloud?

NextToCloud is aimed at providing the best by making available the option to choose from the best cloud hosting providers: AWS HostingGCP Hosting and DigitalOcean Hostingfunctional across all the major eCommerce platforms in addition to a lot more curated experiences.

In NextToCloud businesses will find services ranging from Server Configuration, Database Optimization to Migration Services, Cache Implementation and much more.

1-Server Configuration: Provides for assessment of configuration of business resources, basis business requirements and continuous monitoring at that. Get a full view of the past configuration records, review fixes and association between resources.

2-Database Optimization: Enables score better with enhanced database operations ensuring security and stability. Database evaluation and analysis form an integral part of the process focusing on all aspects of risks to ensure effective optimization. Businesses may achieve good database performance conforming to all aspects of stability, capacity and security.

3-Migration Services: Assisting businesses looking to migrate their website from any hosting provider to cloud

4-Cache Implementation: Slow website speed plays a significant role in cart abandonment and must be replaced with great digital experiences. Effective cache implementation is a saviour when network issues are the major cause of performance hampering by ensuring content availability. Reduced latency by cache implementation due to which time is taken to retrieve resources from cache will be lesser than the time it takes from the origin server.

5-Speed Optimization: Powers sales-boosting capabilities and improves Google positioning. Creating very actionable plans is crucial to achieving the desired performance-based goals

NextToCloud is committed to providing these services with exceptional quality, end to end diligent support at affordable pricing plans, curated to fit every pocket.

With over 150 hosting setups, 100+ satisfied clients, 120+ migrations and 100+ domain setups, NextToCloud is prepared for new challenges.

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About CedCommerce

It is a leading eCommerce solution provider, enabling and empowering eCommerce for a decade. CedCommerce helps retailers and brands to scale their businesses by maximizing sales and reducing manual efforts. Along with connecting eCommerce stores with leading marketplaces worldwide, CedCommerce also helps retailers build their marketplace from scratch and catering website owners in improving their website’s ranking through expert digital marketing services.

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