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Amazon to take its logistics a notch higher

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Amazon has been making tremendous efforts to ease out the logistics and maintain a fast and efficient flow of goods from the manufacturers to the customers . It does not want to reach a few, it wants to reach globally.

Last-mile, on-time, cost-effective and local delivery has always been a challenge when it comes to shipping and Amazon is clearly preparing to overcome these challenges.

Since Amazon wants their services to cross borders and make the distance invisible, it is bringing a revolution in the shipping ways and this is where Global Mile organisation comes into picture with the notion of:

“Every supplier. Every location. Every customer on Earth”.

“Eliminating borders for buyers and sellers, Global Mile facilitates Amazon’s expansion into a rapidly growing list of countries, creating new logistical benchmarks and “firsts” through innovation. The multicultural, multilingual team works with merchants, sellers, providers, governments and trade officials from the busiest to the most remote locations around the world, applying a global perspective with a local approach.”

What will the Global Mile Organisation do?

“Global Mile, drives Amazon’s strategic vision to bring worldwide cross-border product selection and availability at the lowest price to our customers, and help sellers and vendors (manufacturers, distributors and brand owners) navigate international trade and logistics”.
Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos had mentioned about the futuristic plans about drone delivery. It is not so far now I am guessing. The company also revealed the plan via video in 2016 which talks of

“Driver less cars, drone deliveries, machine learning and robotics. It seems like science fiction is quickly becoming reality. But what if you could be part of bringing all of these technologies together to make the world a better place? That’s our mission at Amazon Global Logistics.”

Check the video here. What do you think of this major move by Amazon? You think it is going to change the whole game of E-commerce?

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